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single mother needs help

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nita37   in reply to Starshine   on

Help with Rent, Security Deposit, Utility Bills

I need help with two months rent and security deposit to get this condominium till my house get finish. My kids are in dfcs custody and I need assistant to get them back with me.
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nana1960   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

I really need to find some help for my 28 yer old daughter. She has two beautiful children. Serenity is 9 years old, she is ADHD. Then she has Ashton (Bubba) 4 years old, he is autistic. Her husband left over 2 years ago moved to another state. He has not sent not one red cent. Hes in hiding from human resources. He took the only running car they had. She gets food stamps and a small supplamental check which isnt enough to pay her utilities. They are fixing to cut that money out. She cant get a job. First off she has no car. Bubba goes two times a week for classes to help him with autism. And there is no special needs day care for him close enough. Also the school he attends is 18 miles round trip. It breaks heart that i cant do more for her. I have fibromyagia ruptured disk in my back and copd. Shes really at her wits end and i dont know what to do anymore. She would love to attend college online but cant afford internet at home. If anyone knows of a charity that might help i would be forever indebt to you. Im asking for her shes a great mother with alot of pride an would never ask for herself. Thank you.
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I am single other to a toddler and am in nursing school to become an RN. I took out a title loan on my car to pay for our living expenses and was expecting a refund check from my school that I was going to use to repay it. I did not receive the refund check when I was supposed to ( I still haven't) and last night, my car was reposessed since I was late on repayment and now I owe $5100.00 immediately or else they are going to sell my car. There is no way that I can get around without having a vehicle. I would have to drop out of school and life would be incredibly difficult for myself and my child. I don't have anyone else to help me. I don't know what to do. I desperately need help. I would do anything not to lose my car. I am a good person and try to help others every chance that I get. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless.
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Can't pay the bills...

Please HELP!!!! I am in serious need of money to help pay the bills and to take care of my  6 month old son. I am a single mother who has worked and been independent my whole life. And I am now 27 years old and have become unemployed...Something I never thought would happen... The building that I was working in caught fire and was damage too badly to be fixed. I have been looking for work for some time... but it seems like and endless journey... I am now at the end of my savings and have no income to support my son, pay my bills. I do not know what to do at this point, everyday gets more and more stressfull. At the end of this month I will be homeless if I do not come up with enough money to catch up on the bills and keep my apartment. Any generousity would be greatly appreciated.

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About shanny305

Please HELP!!!! I am in serious need of money to help pay the bills and to take care of my  6 month old son. I am a single mother who has worked and been independent my whole life. And I am now 27 years old and have become unemployed...Something I never thought would happen... The building that I was working in caught fire and was damage too badly to be fixed. I have worked and taken care of myself since I was 14 years old, without having to ask for help. I am educated and have been looking for work for some time... but it seems like and endless journey... I am now at the end of my savings and have no income to support my son, pay my school loans or my bills. I do not know what to do at this point, everyday gets more and more stressfull. At the end of this month I will be homeless if I do not come up with enough money to catch up on the bills and keep my apartment. Any generousity would be greatly appreciated.

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Single Mom With Two Young Boys Needs Assistance

Hello everyone.

 I just sort of stumbled across this page. I thought I created one already, but it seems I messed up somewhere. The reason I'm here seems to be a not so common problem.

 I'm a single mom of two boys, ages 10 and 11. About a year ago there was an issue with abuse from their father, where CPS stepped in, and I was not aware this was going on while he had them on visitation. After I found out of course, I took them far away.

 Anyhow, with that said, these last 6 months or so have been horribly difficult. My youngest started showing extreme signs of depression and even near the point of self injury. It caused problems at my job, and I had to leave so often to help them with him at school, that I lost my job. The last few months have been about the same. Odd jobs here and there, lost within a few days because I had to take off for therapy for my boys, or got called into the school.

 I know alot of people assume they misbehave, but this is not the case, my children are very well behaved, but my baby, mostly is struggling with anxiety attacks at school, depressing break downs, and it seems so far, I'm the only one who can bring him out of that.

 My older son is a soldier, he's trying so hard to be strong, but it's not his job, and lately he's been crying alot. There is so much on their little shoulders, that I am trying everything to fix. I finally found someone who could give them therapy without cost, and that started last week.

 But right now. I'm still struggling. No jobs around here are understanding of what I have to do for my children right now. My bills are behind, my car was repossessed, and I'm at my wit's end. I just don't know what to do. For years I was a single mom, handled business, took care of my family. But now with this crisis I'm faced with two very difficult situations. The need to tend to my children fully, help them get well, and give them a healthy life. With the need to work, and pay bills, and handle what needs done.

 I'm just drowning here. I can't dismiss my children and what they are going through. Yet I need to support them. There's just no help for people in this situation. Everyone is saying get a job and they'll help. But my babies need their mother. and I refuse to tell the school to just 'deal with my kids' until I get off. I won't dismiss my babies like that.

 Please, if anyone knows of any resources to help me through this hard time. Anything such as working from home, or something I can do online to help make some money, while leaving my hours open for emergencies to tend to with my kids. Anything, anything at all. I'm not looking for a handout, just a hand up. I can't pay my bills, feed my kids, have no car. What do I do? Where do I go?

 Please let me know.

 Thank you.

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Anyone that help my son and me to have the chance to live in a house in safe neighborhood

I am a single mother of a child with tourettes syndrome and sexual molestion victim. I have been living in poverty level for the last four years after the loss of my career. My child has been beaten up by other children and also at a school here in Glendale, Arizona by three staff members for crying. Filed police report but nothing happened. We live in a trailer court that as gangs that have tormented him for the 5-years we have lived here. Police are of no help. We desire to live in a home again in a safe neighborhood. Need someone to help us relocate and finally have a home to live in where he can ride his bike again without fearing harm.

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About Kimee

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About lion123

I am a single mother of 3, lost my job last september. Can not find any work, money very low. Can not pay for bills and food, has to be either or. I just need someone to help get me on my feet again. I had my car repossed. Been either walking or taking bus. Please help me to find food (public aid states I make too much money....they dont count rent as a bill, even though I have to). I do not have medical insurance because I was not approved, my children were approved but cancelled because I couldnt pay the premiums. My daughter has epilepsy and her medications are very expensive. I have tried everywhere but am getting no help. I am praying someone can help me. God Bless.

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About Michelle0031


 I lost my job and am a few months late on my bills. I am hoping someone can help me out. I need about $1500. I am a single mother so I do not have a spouse to help out. If anyone can help me out, I would great appreciate it. Thank you!

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About Jamie&Dyow

Hello, My name is Jamie and i had giving birth to a beautiful baby girl four months ago, I thought everything was going great I had a job and i was living at home with my handcapt mother and brother well about three months ago, we where tossed out of our home, with no where to go. I have no money no car and no job. I have had a long hard life, i was working wo jobs to help take care of my mother and little brother while takeing care of my slef and my baby. I have recently found a two bedroom trailer that is for sale, but it is 5,000.00. For the past three months i have been living from home to home! I have been cleaning and cooking for people just to put food in my stomch and formula in my daughters, but it just not enough to save up for this home...I have been to all the fast food places and restaurant and gas stations but they will not hire a new mom with no home and baby sitter! I can't even afford to pay a babysitter. Please help me out i just don't think i can do this on my own anymore, it's getting harder and harder. Even if you can't help please just chat with me so i can keep my insanity... Thanks and God bless.. My Malling address where I am staying right now: 15972 Johnson St Middlefield Ohio, 44062

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Ms. M  

About Ms. M

I am a single mother that has a decent paying job but a lot of outstanding debt. I got behind in my rent payments with my landlord  - we have a good relationship but they do need there money. They are filing an eviction notice today.  I moved back here from Georgia and brought bills from there with me...I've been paying double bills and I can't seem to get above water.

I recently found a company called that was willing to give me a loan for $10,000.00 in order to get out of debt.  I have bad credit so I can't get an ordinary bank loan and I've had to "sift through" the scams.  They want me to put up $1000.00 to secure the loan and I wouldn't have to pay until March 2010.  They are based out of Wilmington, NC and that's where my family is from so i had my cousin go check out their business and the said that they had a legitimate office.  I really want to do this but i don't have the $1000.00. I just need someone to help me.



Ms M

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About MyBabies

Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am a recently single mother of two beautiful little boys aged 5 and 3. My childrens father beat me up yet again so he is now in jail. I lost my job and my house and my children and i are now living in a hotel room, and i am paying for it with my income tax money i recieved a few weeks ago. Our money is now getting low and i am reaching out for help. I have no one to help us. I love my babies very much and i am scared. Please if there is anyone in this world that can hep please contact me at 678-349-7552. Please.

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mamalee [help us.]  

About mamalee

I am trying to get my own appartment for my children and i, and ive tried everything, if anyone could donate money to go towards an appartment just to get me out of this place and help get me started in life, i am not a greedy person i really hope you dont get that impression of me at all! i am usually the person that gives even if its the only thing i have left to my name. But this time i need help from whomever and it takes alot for me to even do this. But i have to do this, i need to stop thinking of myself and think of my babies... so if anyone out there has money to give or a car that there not using and is willing to help me get on my feet. god bless you! and if you do i will let youall know when i get my appartment or a car. these are just the things i really need to get me started so i can work on getting a job and my GED. but doing so and since i live in the city i need a car. Please help us.
       .::My Story::.
I'm an 18 year old mother of two beautiful children, my son (2) and my daughter (10 months). I've literally been through hell and back. I conceived my first child when i was raped a week after my 15th birthday. My mother told me I couldnt get an abortion. I gave birth to him march 16, 2006. When I finally built up the courage to get this man in trouble they told me that i needed to take a paternity test as well as my son and that man, so i did. A year and a half after they finally told me, which i knew it was, Pauls son. So I had to face him in court. It was the hardest thing i will ever have to face in my life, besides life itself. They ended up giving him 14 months probation and no jail time, because they said that he was an important part of the community, because he has his own business. Ive tried to get child support from him up until the child support specialist kristy P. told me that he would get visitation rights, and i will never ever let my son meet him... he's a horrible man. If he did that to me when i was just a baby, who knows what he'd do to my son. Then I tried getting help from human services by getting a bridge card. that did not work. Still to this day i have been sending them applications, and they send me blank ones. I am not able to get a job because my mother is working a 2nd shift job from 4 pm to 4 am. Every day its a struggle for me. Worrying about whether or not im going to have food in a couple of days, wondering if im going to have a home in a couple of weeks. i usually have to go next door and borrow money that i cannot pay back. since my son has been born we've moved to 15 different homes, because my stepdad was on the run, whom now is in prison. My dad is unnable to take care of me and my babies because hes working at a pallet shop making 40 cents a pallet. Ive been kicked out from my mother and had to sleep in detroit in the dugouts on the baseball field, my mother, behind my back, was getting money and foodstamps for me and my son, and was claiming us and i never seen a penny of it, when im the one who has to borrow all of this money for food and daipers pfft, even toilet paper. Im 18 and only weigh 85 lbs... because of having to starve in order for my children to eat. My mother is a greedy and very bad person. i love her with all my heart. but she sees me struggle and cry everyday because of all this pressure i have on me and she smiles about it literally. I have no money for daipers, tampons, clothes and shoes for myself, food, and if i get kicked out i will not have rent. Ive lost hope and this is why i turned to this... because my neighbor told me that people will donate money to me and my babies. Ive tried getting into section 8 and after six months of being on the waiting list they told me that i need a source of income to get a house so i was rejected. I have lived with my friends who were still in high school, but had no money to pay for rent, so i had to come back to my moms. Ive tried getting my GED, but as soon as my stepdad went to prison my mom cried for me to come back so i could watch my 11 year old sister, basically my other daughter i have to raise and had to raise since i was 11, i miss basically my whole 5th grade year taking care of her when she was about 2 years old. Im more of the mother to my mom. i have all this pressure on me that i wish could just be lifted off of me. ive prayed everynight for god to help me get my life on track so that i didnt have to depend on people who are only only wanting me to live with them (my mom) for free money, its time i have to do something else. i have all these things i have to do like, I have to get a car. I have to get my own place. I have to get my GED, then i want to go to cosmetology school so i have an income for my babies. I mean all these things i have to worry about because im a teenager like collage and getting on my own so i dont have to worry about being homeless, getting a job, plus all of the things that adults have to worry about. Im so broken right now inside, because I need help so bad. i can not stay here with my mother anylonger last year my grandma struggled to get me 40$ for christmas and my mother stole it to get alcohol and a couple of months ago she admitted it. the christmas before that my stepdad got locked up and my mom had to take back all of our christmas presents to get him out of jail. And everynight at 4 am she has all her freinds from work come home and party. there is never a night where me and my babies sleep through the night. help us. all i want is to know that i have a home for my children that they can call home. i dont want them moving from schools to different schools like ive had to my whole life because my mom chose to be with a man who had a warrent. i want the best for my children as every parent does. I just need help from someone. anyone. My daughters father was abusing me and my son, doing pills, finally after 2 years ive just left him a couple months ago... because i do not want that for my babies, i know there is a better life out there then this. i want my babies out of this life im living. i want them to have a good normal home that i never had. i love them so much and im crying right now because it hurts me so bad that no one wants to just help me get started. ive even thought of adopting them out to a better family because i have nothing to give them or any one to help me. i need to get my babies in a stable home and a good enviroment. im lost and dont know what else to do. please help us. i need any help i can get. any money i can get even if its a dime or a nickel. god bless you and i hope you or someone you know will help us out, i cannot live in fear and depression any longer because im affraid i will lose my precious babies or even my life. thank  you for your time and if your reading this your adorable. xoxo. please please please help us.
If anyone can help me and is really serious about helping me and my babies then do not be shy to call me anytime.
if you need to make sure im not trying to
scam you and need to know that everything i have said above and my situation is bad call me. because this is definatly not a joke.
please know that everything i have wrote is honest to god truth. i would never try to take anything if i really didnt need it, i know there are other people out there that need it. but i am struggling i cant even tell you how bad everything is right now. so if you need to talk to me then that is my number ask for alicia. thank you for everything.

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About mtasker

I am a single mother of 5, 11 year old boy, 7 year old girl, 3 year old girl, 2 yeard old girl, and a 7 month old baby boy.  This is the first year I have every been put in this situation.  I work 2 part time jobs and I am a part time college student. Over the last few months money has gotten less and less now I am unable to do for my children this Christmas this year.

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About ireeauna

Iam looking for any type of help for christmas. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I have three children ages 8,7,and1. I am a single parent with no help. My children and I are living without water. The landlord didn't tell me he was in foreclosure. He also hasn't been paying the water bill. The state are going to condemned the house in about twenty days. If anyone could help please contacted me at

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Comment: Hi my name is Stephanie and...

Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "I am looking for Christmas Help needed badly Single Mother"

Hi my name is Stephanie and I have three children under the age of three. Iam a single mother and I really dont have any money for christmas and Iam in school full time and all my money goes to my school payments ,rent and grocery's if you read this and would like to contact me my e-mail is Thanks again and my childrens ages are 3- My Daughter 2- My son 6 months- My little daughter
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Hi, anyone gotten a miracle lately?

Even the smallest ones might encourage someone else!

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i need help to pay rent and electical bill


im a single mom who is working and going to school. im having a very very hard time being able to afford the rent and electrical bill all by myself. i have two addorable kids. i dont want to be kicked out of our appartment nor do i want my electricity to be cut off. so if anyone has a big heart out there and is willing to help me out please please do i need all the help i can get. i have no one to go to. no family or friends, it's just me and the my kids. and if u doubt me u can help pay directly to my rent or electric bill. some money help is better than nothing at all.. so once again please help a mother who is trying her very best to get through life and kept her kids. thanks!!!!!!!!

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